Natural food Metabolism fruits and vegetables enzymes

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Key Features

Net contents :30mL/bottle (1 box 10 bottles)

Function:Digestion,Detoxification,Nutritional Supplement.

●Technical cooperation with National Chiayi University.

●Obtained production of fruit enzyme patent NO:183440

●Vegan food

●Diabetes available for this kind of enzyme,lower blood suger.

●Fruit and vegetable concentrated enzyme liquid thru quality testing :

  Heavy Metals,Pesticide Residuce,Preservative.

Ingredients: natural fruits and vegetables compound enzymes, mountain bitter gourd, natto,Red yeast rice.

Dosage:One measuring cup 30mL, twice daily, morning and night,before sleep or having it after dilute with 5-8 times of water below 40°C.

Preservation:Avoid direct sunlight and shaking, do not refrigerate.

Note:To guarantee quality of the product, the product should be eaten within one month after opening.

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