Fruit and vegetable enzyme Healthy foodNew taste enzymes, in line with various age groups.【 Experiment】 How to distinguish good enzymesLI CHENG BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.LI CHENG BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

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“LI CHENG BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD.” is an enzyme manufacturing company with over 30 years experience , working R&D team owned.Two exclusive patents in Taiwan.
We are dedicated to research health nutrient supplement for human body, building people health every day, health life, and health future.
The main products, that including enzyme liquid, enzyme powder, probiotics, meal replacement, slim fiber…etc, and provide OEM/ODM, brand planning,
product research & development with high-quality to the world.



NEW【 Awards】CHINA BEAUTY EXPO 2018-TOP Distributors Award
Congratulations! The company won the "CHINA BEAUTY EXPO 2018-TOP Distributors Award"!! It has high-quality enzyme drinks, the best sales service, and provides professional enzyme production (OEM, ODM), Brand planning, product research and development, and even their individual needs, service products for all types of enzyme products, health Kang food, nutritional supplements, to provide professional education and training and market development related assistance!
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High-quality raw materials from Taiwan, advanced equipment and technology, please contact the reservation enzyme factory visit
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