Enzymes vegetable and fruit liquid FRUIT AND VEGETABLE FERMENT 30ml

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Key Features

Made from Taiwan's vegetables and fruits, sweet and sour entrance, maintain good health.

  • Form:Liquid
  • Net contents :30mL/bottle (1 box 10 bottles)

    Function:Help digestion, adjust the body, defecation and smooth.

  • Materials:watermelon, papaya, tomato, melon, pineapple, orange, guava, grape, banana, jackfruit, dragon fruit, mango, mulberry, radish, carrot, yam, water convolculus, broccoli, celery, lettuce, cabbage, eggplant, green paprika, cucumber, pumpkin, bitter gourd, mustard green, yardlong bean, green chili, spinach, auricularia auricula, basil, jujube, barbary wolfberry, mint leaf, pandan leaf and Isomalto oligosaccharides...etc.

  • Suitable for all ages, including vegetarian.

  • Dosage:One measuring cup 30mL, twice daily, morning and night,before sleep or having it after dilute with 5-8 times of water below 40°C.

    Preservation:Avoid direct sunlight and shaking, do not refrigerate.  

    Note:To guarantee quality of the product, it is recommended to finish it within one month after opening.  

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