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Key Features

To supplement the body nutrition needs, adjust the constitution, to help digestion, improve constipation.
Natural raw materials of fruits and vegetables, a box of drinking a day serving.

Packaging : 6 sachets/ box (30mlEnzyme liquid*3 , 30g Enzyme powder*3)

Function:Slim Enzyme,Meal Replacement

●Technical cooperation with National Chiayi University.

●Obtained production of fruit enzyme patent NO:183440

●Vegan food

●Fruit and vegetable concentrated enzyme liquid thru quality testing :
Heavy Metals,Pesticide Residuce,Preservative.


Modern people are eating too much and are filled with undigested, fermented and rotten and unnatural food. Doctors believe that these in the body of the filth is the main cause of the disease.
When we have too much dirty body and become weak, bacteria and pathogens can affect us, when the body becomes dirty, they will give them the opportunity to grow and reproduce in the body. This is why exposure to the same bacteria, some people will be infected, some people will not. Imagine the garbage at home for a long time without cleaning, it will rot and smelly, the human body waste, manure, urine, sweat, especially stool, especially the dangers of the largest. If not clear, let the accumulation of physical burden, leading to the root causes of many chronic diseases, Chinese and Western medicine are now regarded as the source of all diseases. So want to be healthy, first of all to clear the stool, do the body clearance cleaning.

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